Versed Skin launches on Airopack


Versed’s New Acne Collection Includes Body Care & Chic Packaging


Versed Skin has launched their new Acne Collection including Airopack’s latest launch for their BACK-UP PLAN ACNE CONTROL BODY MIST.

The Zoe Report published a review feature on Versed’s Acne Collection highlighting the body care applications that are “packaged in Versed’s recognizably minimialist — and fashionably unisex — components.” For the Back-Up Plan Acne Control Body Mist the packaging is Airopack’s patented system which delivers an any-angle spray (perfect for a true all-over body spray) and a continuous and consistent flow for greater ease-of-use and a complete application.

Yes, body mist. The $14.99 Back-Up Plan spray looks more like a chic facial mist rather than the powerful acne treatment it is — it’s formulated with 2 percent salicylic acid as the active ingredient.

July 9 2020, The Zoe Report, by Madge Maril

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