Airopack was originally developed as a sustainable alternative to aerosol.

Our founder, inventors, and original engineers wanted to find a better way for brands to have aerosol-like performance
that is safer, healthier, and easier. Airopack ended up being that better way… and even more than that.

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lower carbon footprint than BOV aerosol


lower lifetime footprint than BOV aerosol


PET content in Airopack (and growing)

Sustainable by Design

Image showing Sustainable by Design actions from Airopack

Safer & Healthier

Airopack 10-Year Sustainability Plan (2016-2026)

Airopack updated our 10-Year Sustainability Plan when we launched our new centralized factory in 2016.
Our Plan continues to evolve to reflect both technical advances and market expectations.

Our next-gen Airopack delivery systems are only shared on a limited basis with existing customers under an NDA.

10-Year Sustainability Plan

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