World’s first air-pressurized dispenser made of recycled PET!

We are delighted to introduce our newest member of the Airopack family: the rPET Airopack! With its container made of 100% recycled PET, the rPET Airopack offers brand owners a solution for more sustainable packaging, with no compromise in performance and quality.

Made with 100% rPET

With the container made of 100%  post consumer recycled PET it is more sustainable without compromising in performance and quality!

Powered by Air
The rPET Airopack is driven by pure clean air! So no harmful propellants are needed to dispense your product for safe use indoor.
Fully transparent

The fully transparent rPET Airopack shows your customers exactly what they get! Just your product, nothing more.

Get the most eco-friendly dispenser in the world!

Are you looking for a new more sustainable way of dispensing your product? Or looking for the right partner to set up a new product line? From the early ideas, the complete packaging and decorating in label, sleeve or direct print, to filling, we at Airopack are there to help you with the complete fulfilment!

Try out the new rPET Airopack yourself!

Do you want to know if the new rPET Airopack can help you dispense your products in a sustainable and powerful way? Let's schedule an appointment and find it out!

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