Our Growing Portfolio of Market Launches

Brand: Topicals
Product Range: 2 skus
Region: North America

For their newest products, “Like Butter” a hydrating & Soothing Mist and “Topicals Faded” a Brightening & Clearing Mist, Topicals choose Airopack as their perfect match and we are more than exited about it.

Brand: BoldKing
Product Range: 3 skus
Region: Europe

Started as a razor subscription service, BoldKing quickly built on their success to launch a line of men’s personal care products.

Airopack was originally supplying only shave gel, but with BoldKing expansion they found additional needs for Airopack’s system.

Photo of Bold King shave and lotion products
BOLDKING – Foaming Shave Gel / Shower Foam

Brand: DetraPel
Product Range: 11 skus
Region: North America

Airopack’s “powered by air” system was selected by DetraPel as the spray delivery system for their non-toxic water and stain repellent treatments.

DETRAPEL – Water and Stain Repellent Treatments

Brand: DFNS
Product Range: 7 skus
Region: Global

DFNS is a new global lifestyle brand that is anchoring themselves to style and trend leaders in key major markets.

DFNS was originally drawn to Airopack by our sustainability advantages and light, continuous spray. Our partnership has grown with a focus on expansion, flexibility, and speed-to-market.

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DFNS – Apparel Care, Cleaners, Protectants

Brand: GuruNanda
Product Range: 4 skus
Region: United States

GuruNanda is one of the leading essential oil producers with their farm-direct product and unique diffusers and essential oil blends.

To extend their ‘natural’ focus with essential oils, GuruNanda launched four skus on Airopack to deliver an essential oil room spray.

Photo of Gurunanda room fresheners
GURUNANDA – Essential Oil Air Fresheners

Brand: Hygeniq
Product Range: 7 skus
Region: Europe

Part of their ‘Safe & Green’ line of products, the Hygeniq anti-stain and anti-odor sprays are only two of the seven skus across home and auto care.

The anti-odor product received the Gekozen Product van het Jaar (product of the year) award.

Photo of Hygeniq spray products
HYGENIQ – SAFE & GREEN – Anti-Stain & Anti-Odor Sprays

Brand: Maison Verte
Product Range: 3 skus
Region: Europe

Maison Verte was the first air freshener launch on Airopack in the French market. Building on the familiar brand name, the range of natural and fresh scents continues to grow.

Photo of Maison-Verte products
MAISON VERTE – Air Fresheners

Brand: Mr. Black
Product Range: 2 skus
Region: Europe

Mr. Black introduced a denim-specific refresh spray using the Airopack for our consistent output and all-angle performance.

Photos of Mr Black fabric refresh sprays
MR. BLACK – Denim Refresh Sprays

Brand: NANEX
Product Range: 2 skus
Region: Europe

Nanex offers two skus with Airopack — PROTECT spray and FRESH spray — for shoes and apparel.

Photo of Nanex show and apparel protectant
NANEX – Shoe Protectant Spray

Brand: TADA! by Peritus Brands
Product Range: 2 skus
Region: Europe

The first brand in the fabric refresher / anti-wrinkle segment and part of the REMY line of products from Peritus

Photos of two TADA laundry products
TADA! – Fabric Refresh & Anti-Wrinkle

Brand: CLEAN KIT from Unilever
Product Range: 1 sku
Region: United Kingdom

Building on the success of Day2, Unilever launched a special “CLEAN KIT” dry wash spray specifically for sporting kits.

Photo of Clean Kit spray cleaner

Brand: Day2 from Unilever
Product Range: 3+ skus
Region: Europe

Unilever chose Airopack as their platform for the new Day2 dry wash spray launch.

Photo of Day2 fabric spray
UNILEVER – DAY2 – Dry Wash Sprays

Brand: Woolworths
Product Range: 2 skus
Region: South Africa

One of our early adopters to Airopack as a solution for air freshener sprays.

Photos of Woolworths air fresheners
WOOLWORTHS – Air Fresheners

Brand: Woolworths
Product Range: 9 skus
Region: South Africa

After the success of the air freshener line Airopack was chosen to support this expansion into beauty and personal care.

Photos of Woolworths Beauty Products
WOOLWORTHS – Personal Care Product Range