Relion Installs Airopack Fill-Line

Relion Installs Airopack Fill-Line

Airofiller fill-line for Airopack products


Relion Manufacturing Installs New Airopack Fill-Line

Airopack’s certified Filler, Relion Manufacturing, completed installation of their new Airofiller Fill-Line. The installation expands Relion’s capabilities and capacity for supporting the full range of Airopack options.

Relion is a contract manufacturing and packaging provider with more than 25 years of industry experience. In addition to their filling partnership with Airopack, Relion is able to blend, fill, and finish a range of formulations and products for the beauty, personal care, pharmaceutical, and medical device markets.

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Mothers Launches on Airopack

Mothers Launches on Airopack

Mothers CMX Ceramic Trim Restore & Coast


Mothers Launches CMX Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat at AAPEX Trade-Only Event

Mothers Polish, working directly with our Filler-Partner, PLZ Granite Packaging, launched a new sku in their leading CMX product line using Airopack as the delivery system. The CMX Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat is a perfect example of Airopack and Granite’s ability to move quickly to meet brand requirements for a high-quality and high-speed path-to-market.

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